Dog Training School

Pup-A-Razzi is the largest dog training school in the Portland metro area. We offer over 20 dog training classes each week. We know you will agree our fully-matted, heated/Air Conditioned, indoor dog training school is the ideal place to bring your dog to train. Our one-hour weekly training dog classes teach a positive approach to dog training. Our goal: to strengthen the relationship between dogs and their owners. We reward desirable behaviors and our dog trainers use management techniques to teach canine behaviors we want. Owners are encouraged to find ways to work short exercises into every day life, as well as during formal dog training classes.

We offer classes in all areas: from learning the basics in dog training and puppy training classes, Canine Good Citizen Prep classes, to specialized dog training classes like walking on a loose leash, recall (here!), dog tricks, and developing rapt attention and confident manners. Ready to go higher? Join our dog obedience and dog sport classes which include: agility, obedience, conformation, rally obedience, and musical freestyle classes. We also have just-for-fun classes like structured playtime and day-training which include socialization time. Classes are six week sessions except as noted.

“In every class, the training methods are positive. Praise and petting are tools people always have on hand, and training treats are a fun and easy way to help accelerate learning.”

–Holly Hein, Dog Nose News